Ashland Archival Printing offers a range of services. Our service offerings include color matching, image restoration and enhancement, sealant & art reproduction as well as fine art giclee printing — flat prints on a selection of archival papers or canvas and archival gallery wrapped canvas prints.

When you order a giclee print or gallery wrap canvas from Ashland Archival Printing, you can speak directly to the printmaker. We are available by phone 7 days per week from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm Pacific standard time. We are a company founded and owned by artists and are here to provide only the highest standard of imaging and service.

When you order, we will quote you a turnaround time. We will usually ship within 3–5 business days. If you need your print as fast as possible we can provide expedited printing and shipping for an additional fee. See our Pricing section for details.

Giclee Printing

Giclee is the process of making fine art prints from a digital source using ink-jet printing.

Our giclee prints are printed on professional grade large format printers that utilize pigment-based inks. The combination of these inks with archival media gives our giclee prints an archival rating of 90-150 years under normal viewing conditions.

We use custom color profiles for each type of paper and canvas, employ precise image reproduction and color correction that allows us to render a wide gamut of tonal ranges in your prints. You’ll be amazed at the vivid sharp detail we can produce in the largest of images.

We use Epson and Canon printers that utilize the K3 and Lucia inks respectively.

Our Pricing page lists the types of canvas and fine art papers we have in stock with examples of sizes available.

Contact us to discuss format, media type and pricing of custom sizes. Find more information about the media types we use on our Media Types page.

Image Restoration and Enhancement

Image restoration and enhancement services are available for all images, new and old. Please see our Pricing page for details.

Color Matching

After scanning or photographing your original work of art, local color correction is usually required in order to provide an exact color match to the original. The reason is that digital cameras and scanner “read” the pigments used by artists differently than the human eye. Essentially the color gamut of the human eye is far wider than any digital instrument currently available. Therefore it is not very often that a scan or digital image can be printed as a giclee without some local color correction. Additionally each type of paper or canvas has its own inherent color gamut that must also be accounted for in order to produce an accurate reproduction.

Local corrections are usually necessary to adjust certain pigments that are used by the artist. The only possibility of matching these areas of the digital image to the original color tone is to isolate these areas and correct them via the use of layers in Photoshop. Layers are generally created using masks and saving them as separate parts of the original file that can be adjusted independent of all other regions of the image. There can be as many as 20 or more layers in difficult images and as few as one.

During the process of color matching it is possible that 8 or more test prints will be produced to achieve as close as possible color matching. The final test print will be the proof that we present to you for final approval before printing.

Color Matching Process

Exact color matching may be achieved when the original piece of art work or a hard copy image representing the exact colors is available. One color or exposure correction is included in the print price. For exact color matching a $55/hr rate, charged in 15 minute increments after the first half hour will be charged. Color matching is generally required for a good match. We will forgo color matching at your request. In this case there will be no guarantee that colors will match and no refunds for color differences. Often forgoing color matching will give adequate color representation. If you are concerned about precise color matching we highly recommend that you budget for two hours of color matching when an image is submitted. Often it takes less time, sometimes it takes more.

Money Saving Tip

Do the color matching yourself. Here are the steps:

  1. Calibrate your monitor to the sRGB color space. This way the colors you see on your monitor are the same colors we see on our monitors.
  2. Ask us to send the custom profiles for the papers we stock.
  3. Then adjust the colors to match your original.

The calibration is the key step and the rest is simply matching colors through adjustments in Photoshop. We recommend using layers and adjustment techniques that don’t affect the original image. Always save your original image file separate from the adjusted file. If you have questions regarding calibration there is ample information on the web via a Google search. If you have questions regarding the use of our custom profiles, please call.

Color Matching Guarantee

We do not guarantee precise color matching. The closest you can come to a guarantee is by having us do a proof print that you can look at and approve prior to final printing. Once the proof is approved we will print the final image. If the colors need more work we will perform additional color correction at $50/hr and send another proof print for your approval. The cost for sending a proof is $15 plus shipping. For smaller pieces it is sometimes more efficient to consider the first order your proof. If you do not want a proof, the final print will be made and there will be no refund or exchange based on color differences.

Further Thoughts on Color Matching

We have found that after a relatively few number of images have been color corrected by us, the job gets faster and easier. Each artist tends to have a specific palette of colors or general method of using color. After processing a few images the same or similar adjustments are often used to achieve desired results.

Learn about additional services

Fine Art Giclee Canvas Prints

Artists and photographers who offer giclee canvas prints have found an amazing response in the markets. The canvas prints have increased sales of photographic images and proven to be an excellent marketing tool for artists regarding the promotion and sale of original works.

For the photographer, the canvas lends a painterly effect and a textured look that adds depth to the image. For the artist, the canvas print closely—and sometimes perfectly—matches the original.

Buyers are often unable to spend the amount necessary for an original. The canvas print provides this buyer with an option, and provides the artist with a renewable stream of income without selling the original. Additionally, each giclee canvas sold goes into a home, office or public environment and provides a continual presence and advertisement for the artist and the original work.

For more information about the printer and inks we use, click the giclee Printing tab to your left.

Fine Art Giclee Paper Prints

Some artists prefer the more traditional photographic look of printing their images on high quality archival paper rather than canvas.

We offer three types of papers in stock:

  • Breathing Color Elegance Velvet Platinum Edition
  • Breathing Color Aura Décor Matte
  • Canon Heavyweight Satin

Please call to discuss your paper choices and how we may accommodate your needs. You can find detailed information about the paper options we offer on our Media Types page.

For more info on the giclee printing process, click the Giclee Printing tab to your left.

Sealant to Protect Canvas Prints

Ashland Archival Printing Sealant Services: Pat Moore applying sealant to prints of paintings by Ashland artist Pegi SmithGlamour II Veneer was developed by Breathing Color, Inc. to protect and enhance fine art canvas and photographic prints on large format giclee printers. We recommend this non-yellowing, water-based varnish as a perfect method of protecting and finishing your print. Glamour II enhances the color of pigment-based inks on canvas or matte paper media. It will enhance resistance to fading , protect against moisture damage from spills or humid environments, protect against nicks and abrasions and protect the corner of your print during the stretching process in the case of gallery wrapped canvas. (The Glamour II is rolled onto the canvas print prior to stretching.)

The absence of the veneer does not affect the 90-150 year archival quality of canvas prints.

Art Reproduction Services

We specialize in reproducing original works of art using a full frame, high-resolution digital camera for 3d or larger 2d pieces.

Our photographer is available for on-site imaging of your art work. Please visit our Pricing page, and contact us if you need specialized pricing information not covered on our website.



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